What We Invest In

Our investment strategy is well aligned with the dynamics of the medtech industry. Our strategy is based upon the diverse leadership knowledge and experience gained from collectively investing in over 30 opportunities in the medtech sector with over 20 exits to date.

The salient points of our investment strategy can be summarized as follows:


We select opportunities that drive cost effective paradigm shifts in the way current therapies and diagnoses are delivered.


We invest in radical innovation with first entrants, allowing cost effective risk mitigation and value creation.


We seek and identify investment opportunities in response to unmet needs and emerging healthcare trends.


We avoid capital intensive situations and target companies that can have the option to exit prior to regulatory approvals or commercialization.


We stay close to industry participants seeking medtech acquisitions. The alignment of our prospective investments with potential acquirers is an integral part of our investment strategy.


We invest in “game changer” opportunities that can dominate and “own” their market segment.

Case Studies

Claros Diagnostics represents a medical technology investment that was well aligned with our investment strategy and met our core investment criteria.

Here, the BioVentures partners identified a critical unmet need in the daily practice of urology as well as an existing technology which could serve as the platform for a commercial diagnostic instrument that would enable physicians to obtain prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test results in their office in less than one half hour. This radical departure from the typical 1-2 day turn-around for centralized laboratory results created a significant change in the traditional PSA diagnostic paradigm. Applying new, yet proven technology to an existing diagnostic procedure allowed Claros to become the first entrant into point-of-care diagnostics for urology with a more cost effective test.

As investors at the nascent stage, the BioVentures partners were directly involved in Claros’ formation, and were instrumental in recruiting strong management and securing the relevant technologies. Through sequential investments of appropriate proportion, Claros was able to reduce the technological risks and demonstrate clinical efficacy, thereby creating incremental value at each step of the development process. Furthermore, by maintaining relationships with prospective buyers of emerging diagnostic technologies, BioVentures was instrumental in facilitating the acquisition of Claros prior to the capital intensive stages of regulatory approval and commercialization.



"BioVentures supports management with a wealth of industry knowledge and operating experience. The BioVentures team was extremely supportive throughout Claros’ life cycle. They were not only a patient investor, but a group with whom I could collaborate as a trusted sounding board for strategic and tactical operating plans. We worked together elbow-to-elbow producing an excellent result for shareholders."


President and CEO 


We seek well-defined investment opportunities at all development stages - from early seed capital to expansion-stage financing